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Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue,

And Valentine’s Day is a Time People Sue

Valentine’s Day is a day where many people like to share their love.  Whether it’s with a significant other, their children or just a good friend, people often exchange greetings and gifts. Of course, to a number of husbands and boyfriends out there; the day also represents another mark on the calendar that can ultimately lead to the doghouse if not handled properly.

Regardless of how we feel about this so-called Hallmark Holiday”, as Americans it represents a traditional way for us to contribute to the economy and benefit our greeting card, floral, candy and restaurant industries.  Along those lines, it also represents a traditional way for these same industries to reward our contribution by doubling or tripling prices for a few days leading up to the holiday. Another American tradition of course is the filing of a lawsuit and this holiday of love has certainly brought about some memorable ones.

As Elizabeth’s top neighborhood law firm, we at Mintz & Geftic have been handling important workers compensation, personal injury and medical malpractice cases for over 25 years. We certainly understand the value in filing a lawsuit and our attorneys take pride in fighting for the hardworking men and women of New Jersey on a daily basis.  However, I’m not so sure some of the Valentines-related lawsuits or criminal cases below can be deemed quite as worthy, but you can be the judge.

1. Hampton vs. Enzo’s Caffe Italiano restaurant – A woman sues Portland, Oregon restaurant for $100,000 claiming the staff provided rude service to her on Valentine’s Day

I know what many of our Elizabeth and other local readers are probably thinking without knowing anything about the case (and you’re probably right), she thinks that was rude, tell her to come to New Jersey.” The woman had made reservations for two to eat with her husband, but showed up at the packed restaurant to dine alone. When explaining why her husband didn’t join her, she stated that he ate too much at lunch and decided not to come.” (See doghouse comment in first paragraph)

2. Mitchell v. City of Pittsburgh – involved a male supervisor allegedly grabbing the buttocks of a female subordinate.

Of course, if this claim is accurate, the offense is clearly one that falls under harassment and something that should never occur in the workplace. At Mintz & Geftic, we represent workers not only in workers’ compensation and negligence cases, but also fight for our clients when it comes to any type of workplace discrimination.  Whether it involves harassment like this particular Valentine’s Day case was centered around or something like wage theft or construction accidents, we help employees in Elizabeth and throughout New Jersey in any workplace-related matters.

According to the lawsuit, when the female subordinate vocally objected, her supervisor responded, That was for Valentine’s Day, they call me walking chocolate.”

3. Ohio woman Kierra Reed charged with Aggravated Menacing after attacking her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day

Reed got into an argument with then boyfriend Henry Brown when she did not receive a Valentine’s Day present from him. Reed, cops allege, initially pushed and scratched Brown, who tried to escape further injury by barricading himself in the aparrtment’s bedroom.

While Brown was locked in the bedroom, Reed “threatened to kill him and cut him,” according to a sheriff’s report. She then got a knife and began cutting the door in an attempt to get to the victim.”

After reading that last one, we’ll conclude this post with some free legal advice from Mintz & Geftic to our male readers.  Guys, get out there and get something special for your wife or girlfriend.  Otherwise, you just might find yourself in next year’s Valentine’s Day post.



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