Have You Been a Victim of Wage Theft?

Wage Theft

As many visitors to our website know, we blog about a wide variety of topics here at mglawfirm.net. We cover subjects ranging from motor vehicle accidents and the types of back injuries that they can cause to a sampling of Valentine’s Day lawsuits. From the serious danger of seat back failure that has parents everywhere alarmed to the not-so-serious pondering of Santa’s workers’ compensation concerns. From construction accidents and the 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the U.S. to flying manhole covers in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

While we enjoy sharing information from all types of subjects, there is one specifc topic that encompasses everything Mintz & Geftic has been about for over 30 years. That is addressing the legal injustices that hard-working men and women face and doing everything we can to help these people fight for their rights. Whether it’s discussing what big businesses are burying in their fine print or making people aware of a A Victory for Elizabeth’s Workers that explains a new law that provides paid sick time to employees in Elizabeth.

When it comes to the subject of employee rights, one area we’ve focused on here at Mintz & Geftic in addition to workers’ compensation is wage theft. Wage theft involves workers who are paid less than the minimum wage, those denied overtime pay, employees forced to work off the clock, and those whose paycheck does not reflect the hours worked.

Workers should be aware of their rights under these laws surrounding wage theft. They may be entitled to recover multiple years of back wages that their employer has failed to pay. Employees are entitled to bring actions on behalf of their co-workers in court as class actions or collective actions.

We will share more important details on wage theft in the days ahead right here on our blog, including a few recent lawsuits that have been making headlines. Please like our facebook page and be sure to turn on notifications. This way you can keep up on important legal news in and around Elizabeth, New Jersey.


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