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Slip and Fall Accident Tips

When the Fall season ends, the slip and falls begin.


When the snow and ice hits New Jersey, there are two areas where personal injury law firms always see a major increase in seriously injured clients; weather-related car and truck accidents and slip and fall accidents.

We have discussed car and truck accidents in many recent blog posts, including this quick video from Bryan Mintz.

Today we will focus on the slip and fall accidents. Every winter we see an increased rate of people suffering with broken bones and other serious injuries from these accidents. Slip and Fall accidents can result in catastrophic injuries and the resulting medical bills can be significant.

I just slipped and fell and might be injured, what should I do?

1. Get Medical Attention

The top priority following a slip and fall accident (or any other type of accident) is always getting medical attention.

Victims of slip and fall accidents often just try to get right up and continue walking even when in a great deal of pain. While some victims may feel embarrassed for falling or are just reluctant to seek out help, it is critical to remain at the scene and request assistance.

If you’ve been injured, it’s important to see a doctor for a full examination, so that your injuries can be properly documented. The medical records from your initial medical treatment will be important should you decide to file a lawsuit.

2. Report the Accident

No matter where the slip and fall accident occurs, be sure you report it to a manager, owner or landlord. Many businesses will have an incident form or something similar when a slip and fall occurs. You will want to get the report of the incident in writing and ask the manager, owner or landlord for a copy before you leave the scene.


*****NOTE***** As we mentioned in Step # 1, medical attention is always the top priority. If you are in too much pain and/or unable to fully inspect and document the scene, seek out the help of others when possible for these next recommended steps.

3. Inspect the Scene 

There are several common causes of slip and fall accidents, including icy sidewalks, wet floors and uneven surfaces (see our full list at the bottom of this article). It is important for you to look around the scene of your incident, so that you’re able to determine the likely cause.

4. Identify Witnesses

If there any potential witnesses, you will want to ask them for names, phone number and emails.

Even if someone at the scene did not see the actual fall, that person might be able to describe the conditions of the area immediately after the fall (i.e. confirm the sidewalk was icy). That witness might also be able to confirm that you appeared to be in a high level of pain following the fall.

5. Take Photos/Document Everything

Always take several pictures of the scene where the slip and fall accident occurred. This pictures should include close-up photos of exactly where you fell down and some photos from further back that can help show the overall scene.

Be sure to take some notes documenting any details of your slip and fall accident. Try to remember what you were doing right before the slip and fall occurred. Noting the time of day that you fell, conditions of the scene (lighting, flooring, etc.), along with any other details from the fall are important as well.

6. Speak With An Experienced Lawyer

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, you need to contact an experienced Personal Injury Law Firm as soon as possible. An experienced lawyer can discuss a potential lawsuit with you, and if necessary, get started right away in fighting on your behalf.

Acting quickly to contact an attorney is critical. The more time that has passed since the accident, the less likely the chances are of obtaining any video evidence.

When do you have a case?

Many people believe that if they fall on someone’s property, the owner is responsible no matter how the accident occurred. That is a common misconception, however, and why you must consult with a lawyer that can investigate the circumstances and see if you may have a case.

We recommend contacting a New Jersey Personal Injury Law Firm like Mintz & Geftic as soon as possible if you are injured from a slip and fall accident.

An experienced personal injury law firm, like Mintz & Geftic, does not get paid until our clients get paid. We always offer free consultations and are here to help our clients throughout the entire process.


*****Bonus Tip*****  Do Not Discuss Details with Others

This tip applies to anyone involved in any type of personal injury lawsuit. Do not ever post any details related to your accident on social media. Decline to give a statement to anyone until you’ve spoken to an attorney.

After your slip and fall accident, you may be approached by insurance adjusters and attorneys from the responsible party. In any of these situations, decline to discuss the case with them and kindly ask them to reach out to your attorney.



Common causes of slip and fall accidents

Ice on sidewalks: Ice on sidewalks and walkways are a serious hazard. Property owners have a duty to clear these areas within a reasonable time.

Wet floors from melting snow: The pooling of water from snow that melts near entrance ways of businesses also leads to a high number of slip and fall accidents in the winter.

Uneven surfaces:  Uneven levels and large cracks in walkways or sidewalks can cause slips and falls.

Dimly lit stairways: A property owner should keep all public areas well lit to avoid slips and falls.

Construction defects: Loose steps or railings on stairways, misplaced parking lot bumpers, and various trip hazards are common examples of a construction defects that can cause serious injuries.

Cluttered aisles: Boxes or loose merchandise and equipment left in aisles or placing too much merchandise into tight spaces can create tripping hazards to guest of stores.

Liquid spills: When liquids are spilled on a floor or carried in on the boots or shoes of visitors, the property owner has a duty to clean it up.




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